Told over 24 hours and centred around a farmstead, AS IN HEAVEN is a story about one night at the end of the 1800s that changes 14-year-old Lise’s life forever. She is the eldest of her siblings, the first in her family to go to school and full of hope and confidence in life. But when her mother goes into labour, it quickly appears that something is wrong. As night falls and the labour progresses, Lise begins to understand that a day that began in childhood might end with her becoming the woman of the house.

AS IN HEAVEN is based on the Danish literary classic EN DØDSNAT by Marie Bregendahl.

The film brought director Tea Lindeburg the Silver Shell award for best director at the San Sebastian Film Festival, and Flora Ofelia Hofmann Lindahl (Lise) became the youngest actor ever to receive the Silver Shell award for best actor.

Director: Tea Lindeburg
Writer: Tea Lindeburg
Producers: Lise Orheim Stender & Jesper Morthorst

Original Title: Du som er i himlen