Post Production
Celebrating their life-long marriage and with the hopes of rekindling the spark they have lost over the years, Gerda (Bodil Jørgensen) and Kristoffer (Kristian Halken) travel to Rome to revisit the city where Gerda was once an aspiring art student. Seeking out Gerda’s favourite restaurant, they run into her charismatic art teacher and former fling, Johannes (Rolf Lassgård). Soon Kristoffer ends up on the sideline and struggles with jealousy and despair while Gerda chases her youth in the Eternal City. But running down the cobblestoned streets of Rome also forces her to confront the ghosts and great secret of her past. A secret that turns Gerda and Kristoffer’s relationship upside down and have them face the ultimate question: Were they ever a good match for each other and, if not, is there any chance they will be?

Director: Niclas Bendixen
Writers: Kristian Halken, Christian Torpe & Niclas Bendixen
Producers: Jesper Morthorst & Andreas Hjortdal
Produced by MOTOR in co-production with Vivo film (IT) and Gimme a break (SE)
Co-producers: Gregorio Paonessa, Marta Donzelli, Serena Alfieri, Erika Wasserman, Anna Marina Skouros

Original Title: Rom