Released 2024
To celebrate a lifelong marriage, Gerda and Kristoffer travel to Rome to relive the city where Gerda was once an aspiring art student. When they run into her former art teacher and lover, the charismatic Johannes, Gerda is reminded of the life she used to live, and Kristoffer is sidelined while Gerda wanders the streets of the Eternal City in search of her long-lost youth.

Director: Niclas Bendixen
Writers: Kristian Halken, Christian Torpe & Niclas Bendixen
Producers: Andreas Hjortdal & Jesper Morthorst
Produced by MOTOR in co-production with Vivo film (IT) and Gimme a break (SE)
Co-producers: Gregorio Paonessa, Marta Donzelli, Serena Alfieri, Erika Wasserman, Anna Marina Skouros

Original Title: Rom